Hi, I am Rishikesh Parkhe, a Software Architect, Engineer, Game Developer, Artist, Designer and Implementer. I currently develop software for an Engineering firm. This blog and its contents are based on my opinions alone, and are subject to change through time. This blog is about design, technology, code, engineering, making things, photography and art.

Software nature is an experiment for a technical blog, hopefully you will find something interesting here.

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering
  • Over 15 years of professional software development experience
  • Focused towards delivering solutions by doing effective communication and clean-efficient system design
  • Expertise in C#, C++, working knowledge of Ruby, Java, Python, Javascript and worked on different development platforms like Visual Studio, Eclipse, CMake
  • Good understanding of DSLs (Domain Specific Languages) and tools to meet the development requirements
  • Follows pragmatic approach towards software development inspired by the Domain Driven Design methodology, using efficient requirement capture, Behaviour Driven Development and evolving System Design.
  • Familiar with web development using ASP. NET framework
  • Good understanding of Math and Geometry required for CAD, Game Development, proficient in NURBS concepts required for CAGD
  • Good understanding and work experience of developing various Collision Detection mechanisms
  • Expertise in Windows Installer XML

More information on rishikeshparkhe.com