After some break, I am back at the laser scanner experiments. Today I tried to make a new housing for the laser assembly so that I can place it properly in relationship with the camera. I am planning to create a base platform which has screw holes at known positions so that I can screw the camera and laser housing. That would reduce my initial setup time quite a bit. All this activity was with the intention to increase the accuracy than previous setup.

Turn table setup

The turntable which does work btw…

Laser housing

The housing for the laser and optics

I tried to find some interesting items that were available near me, I have to say that the scanning process today was quite fruitful.

Car scan

Scrolls scan night

This exercise was more to do with the hardware setup - learning the important techniques. As in you need a calibrated setup else hours need to be spent just measuring the distances and angles every time :)

I tried to run the previous algorithms but it was taking too much time for the model 1 as I have taken really dense data. Data was flying around quite a bit (outliers are evident), I need to check the logic again, maybe tomorrow (going to sleep now).