Genetic algorithms

This weekend I was again interested in techniques for solving optimisation problems. Many of the problems in real-life are optimisation problems, where unknows are more than the information (equations) at hand. Examples: fitting of surface patches / curves on points, closest path - path planning computations, Nesting (manufacturing) for optimising the material cut from the raw material sheets, inverse kinematics, fluid mechanics, medicine, many other areas…
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March 31, 2013
Quickhull algorithm (2D) in html5 and javascript
Quickhull 2D preview
Another experiment on Javascript and html5 rendering. This is a well known Quickhull algorithm - which will find out an optimal bounding volume. Bounding volume is a closed volume which completely contains the points. There can be many bounding volume solutions but, we are optimising based on volume size as the criterion. This solution gives the optimal i.e. a tightest possible fitting volume. Let us first get an overview of how this works - Source code is available for download
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March 14, 2013
Experiments on HTML 5 canvas

Like I mentioned in my tweets before about being excited about the new Chrome Javascript engine and its speed and how google folks were trying to port Quake2 on it... it got me the initial push to try experimenting on it I have written a Bezier curve evaluation functionality (not using direct Bezier draw method) on this, user can create curves by clicking on the canvas, on the side the blending functions are plotted too, its quite fast to my surprise :) Give it a try here: OR on blog
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March 7, 2011
Laser scanner experiments (again)

After some break, I am back at the laser scanner experiments. Today I tried to make a new housing for the laser assembly so that I can place it properly in relationship with the camera. I am planning to create a base platform which has screw holes at known positions so that I can screw the camera and laser housing. That would reduce my initial setup time quite a bit. All this activity was with the intention to increase the accuracy than previous setup.
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March 6, 2011
Stuck in reverse (Laser scanner)

Well, I am getting a bit of progress on the 3D viewer and physics stuff but, it is rather slow. Part of the things that I wanted to try is to reverse engineer a real object and load it in a simulated Wind Tunnel (Physics engine) to run a basic test on that. This has lead me to create a very basic laser scanner at home. It’s very primitive at this point of time and I do not intend to go deep into developing the one giving best results, its too early.
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November 14, 2010

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